Tesla Turbine and Tesla-Related Tech

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The Design, Construction and Investigation of a Tesla Turbine, Masters Thesis by Audley B. Leaman

Tested with air. Lots of detail on design and construction including nozzle and exhaust dimensions; simple math. Its nuts-and-bolts approach makes this thesis more accessible than the others. Unique design eliminates holes in discs, making the whole disc area a working surface.

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Tesla Turbine Theory (2nd edition)

Transcript of 20-minute interview with Jerry LaBine, assembly drawings from patent files, articles from technical journals 1913 – 1975, Gurth's Discflo pumps, Bibliography of theses and dissertations on the Tesla turbine.

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Performance Characteristics of a Friction Disc Turbine,
PhD Thesis by Elroy William Beans

Air was used in the testing. Also tested was a disc-type fan, with encouraging results. Starts with a good technical, yet understandable, description of how and why the Tesla turbine works, and ascends into higher math and fluid dynamics. Lots of good information.

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Tesla Air Engine Plans

Tesla turbine rotor and housing built by Scott Robertson

Theoretical discussion and supposed plans for the Tesla turbine and Tesla's oscillating piston air motor. This was the valveless piston motor that Tesla designed to be used with his secret self-sustaining pneumatic power plant. Tesla supposedly started an earthquake in his New York City neighborhood when he attached his oscillator to a steel post that went down into the earth and tapped the post at different frequencies. He was watching different objects in his apartment vibrate sympathetically with the different frequencies when he was informed that the whole building was starting to sway back and forth. This oscillator could be tuned to a frequency which would then hold steady at that frequency, so the device could be used to operate clocks.

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An Investigation of Multiple-disk Turbine Performance Parameters, Masters Thesis by Michael John Lawn Jr

Tesla turbine thesis (Lawn)

This Tesla turbine was tested with liquid sodium, liquid hydrogen, and glycerine as working fluids.

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