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Compressed Air Power Secrets: Pneumatics for Inventors (3rd edition)

What started out many years ago as a 12-page pamphlet is now a 374-page magnum opus on the calculations and theory of compressed air as an energy carrier. Includes the equations for various modes of air compression, air motors and engines. Special emphasis is on developing a real understanding of what compressed air theory actually says, so that we can realistically hope to work toward new ways to compress air, with easy-to-follow mathematical and theoretical proof. All math is simple algebra, and every step is explicit. This book is written especially for inventors who are not engineers, people who want to design and build air cars and are tired of being stopped by the many insurmountable textbooks that are available on the subject of compressed air. Qualified technical people have read Compressed Air Power Secrets over and over, convinced that this book is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

This book is too good to give away.

Homemade Air Engines that Work

Documentation including detailed drawings in both pdf and dwg format. (1) Torquerack One, prototype for an air engine that puts out almost twice the torque it would put out if it used a crankshaft, by replacing the crankshaft with gears; (2) The Littlefoot Engine, a two-stage compressor converted into a two-stage air engine. Video is also available showing both engines in operation, including 40 minutes on Terry Miller's air car, engine, and air station.

Item # 14B-00

Homemade Air Engine Videos

These videos are unique. (1) Torquerack engine, 11 minutes; (2) Two-stage compressor converted to air engine, 27 minutes; (3) Terry Miller's Spirit of Joplin air car, engine, air station, 35 minutes.

Item # 56-16

torquerack engine

Air Car Design Manual (2nd edition)

Compressed air is solar energy, air engine theory, the most efficient air engines ever commercially built, air engine valves, vehicle power requirements, hybrid and closed-cycle pneumatic power plants, extending range, technical press.

Item # 28-00

"An electric motor is an inefficient machine while coming up to normal speed; a steam engine is inefficient until the walls of the cylinders are thoroughly heated; but a compressed air engine is most efficient, thermodynamically, with the first movement of the piston, because the walls of the cylinders are then at their highest temperature. This fact would point to the use of compressed air locomotives wherever stops and starts are to occur with great frequency."

from U. S. Patent No. 868,560 Interheater for Compound Compressed-Air Engines
Patented October 15, 1907, by Charles Bowen Hodges of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Magic Valve

Bob Neal's means for putting low pressure air into a high pressure tank, patented in 1936, Interview with air car inventor George Heaton, check valves and waves, interview with Bob Neal's son, wave compounding by reflection in closed-end tubes, Neal patent file.

Item # 07B-00

Maxwell's Demon Gets a Job (3rd edition)

The answer to James Clerk Maxwell's famous riddle about self-sustaining air engines and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, with the cloak of physics jargon removed by our discovery that the Bernoulli Effect qualifies as the solution to the eminent scientist Maxwell's profound riddle. What if pressure just stepped out of the way temporarily by changing into velocity, then came back when it was needed?

Item # 07A-00

Air Car Basics, 1981

Air cars compared with eight other alternatives, my first essay on air cars. I still stand behind the simple approach taken here, which can be argued against by any unfathomable multi-million dollar study but can't be denied by common sense and looking at the big picture.  Lawrence Livermore Labs once published a study asserting that only one compressed air car had ever been built! 

Item # 42-00
radial compressor and pulsation generator by Scott Robertson

Radial Pulsation Compressor

Concept for a high-volume low-pressure compressor/pulsation generator that could be used in a resonant circuit such as patented by Bob Neal and by the Leibows; booklet with 11 x 17 foldouts of the drawings and background info on the parts comprising a radial airplane engine, upon which this concept is based. Simple non-lube design using a bolt-together concept instead of block castings. Don't try to build this exact machine, it's just a drawing. It would be better to get an old radial airplane engine and rebuild it, then convert it to an air compressor.

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