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Air Powered Cars by Terry Miller

Terry Miller's Spirit of Joplin air car

Terry Miller's Air Car One and his Spirit of Joplin air car, descriptions and photocopies of engine parts. Video of the Spirit of Joplin and air station. Terry Miller is the only air car inventor who has ever provided a set of plans, and he provided good descriptions for both of his air engine designs. This is a good place to start studying if you have mechanical aptitude but no experience with engines, so you can start with an air engine that can be built from off-the-shelf parts. For the most part, all you have to do is bolt parts to a frame, drill holes, and buy parts. Includes transcriptions of 3 hours of audiotapes by the inventor explaining exactly what the Spirit of Joplin photocopies show and how the engine works.

The video that Terry Miller donated to this project has been one of the more motivating videos on air cars that have come out. This is in part due to the fact that Terry did not have to pay for most of the expensive equipment we see. Because of his known track record as an air car inventor and educator, all he had to do was ask, and all this equipment you see was given to him.

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Gas Buggies 1926 – 1927 by Frank Beck

Hem and Amy cartoon

Frank Hemensley Beck was a famous syndicated cartoonist whose popular daily cartoon strips appeared in newspapers all over the US. His work, like the artist himself, was full of compassion and humor for the human predicament. For a whole year, the main character of his cartoon strip, "Hem," a high-spirited and naive wanna-be inventor who lacked common sense and social abilities, tried to get an aircar working that he'd inherited from another inventor. The hilarious misadventures of Hem and his stalwart wife Amy will entertain you air heads as much as any collection of patents or technical articles...while keeping you awake at the same time!

Item # 55-09

Air Engines, (3rd edition)

Guy Negre's air car, full-expansion air turbine motors, McClure's circular-path non-reciprocating piston air engine, miscellaneous rotary air motor and engine designs, crankshaft substitutes, non-lubricated cylinder materials, oil-less pneumatics, compound engines, fluid clutches.

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Item # 14A-04 part 2

The Air Engine that Got Air Engines Covered Up

The most efficient air engine ever built commercially was invented in the U.S. by Charles Hodges, and taken to Europe where an improved design flourished, then eventually was buried alive by World War II. Here is the whole story of the air powered locomotive that increased its range-between-fillups up to 60% by absorbing heat from the atmosphere. These were highly successful commercial air cars; there were 624 three-stage pneumatic locomotives in one coal field in Germany alone.

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fluid coupling

Self-fueling Air Cars

33 air engine and air car inventors whose intention and/or claim is to "compress their own air;" articles and patents: Bill Truitt, Bob Neal, George Heaton, Hudspeth & Lunsford, Baruch and Isaac Leibow, Lee Rogers, and more.

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The Truth About Air Cars (Volume One)

"He of the compressed wind," lies about air cars, pneumatic railways, compressed air locomotives of Mekarski, Hardie, and Hoadley-Knight.

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The Truth About Air Cars (Volume Two)

Compound compressed air locomotives in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, 1200 horsepower diesel/air hybrid locomotive, air powered race car, Sorogato's air car, Terry Miller's air cars.

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General Herman Haupt, Air Car Advocate (2nd edition)

The greatest air car advocate of the 19th century, General Haupt wrote a whole book comparing the relative advantages of steam, electricity, and compressed air for Street Railway Motors. The section on air trolleys is reproduced here, along with biographical information on this great civil engineer who worked on pioneering tunnel projects and was in charge of the railroads for the Union army during the Civil War. Also includes articles on air cars that Haupt published before and after Street Railway Motors.

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Early Air Car Patents, 1884-1928

Charles Buell's air car patent, filed in 1884

Free range air car patents by Buell, Pittman & Harrison, Harrington, Vernon, and Forman; also a list that came out in 1908 of most compressed air inventions patented up to that point.

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Cryogenic Cars

Cars that run on liquified gases.

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