Compressed Air Power Secrets, 3rd edition

Compressed Air Power Secrets

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Compressed Air Power Secrets by Scott Robertson • 3rd edition • 2009

I wrote this book to prove that an uneducated peasant like myself could come to a usable understanding of how compressed air works and what compressed air calculations are trying to say, so I could say the same things in real world layman's terms.

I started by looking through the compressed air textbooks of the early 20th century for the one that was easiest to understand.  This book was used as an organizer for my thoughts, and I set out to translate its relevant portions into simple English.  Whenever I came to a part that was hard to understand or ambiguous, I consulted corresponding sections of other air textbooks.  I learned that every writer has a different approach to the topic, so I made it my business to follow the calculations of different-sounding descriptions until I learned by going through the math used by various textbook writers that they were all saying the same thing.

By starting out with very little real knowledge of compressed air theory and calculations, I found out by direct experience which concepts were most poorly described in conventional textbooks.  The result is a readable yet detailed description of what compressed air calculations are trying to determine and why.  So anyone who is interested enough to read it carefully will be able to learn more about compressed air from studying my book, and learn it a lot faster, than they can by studying a book written by an established expert in the field.  Because only a raw beginner like me really understands what's wrong with the way conventional textbooks are written!

This book was written for people who want to do unconventional work with compressed air, because we cannot take any traditional formula for granted.  If we want to adapt proper mathematical reasoning to unconventional applications it is imperative that we understand the math, not just how to do it but where it comes from, where it's going, and why.  That is now a lot easier than it sounds because I did the hard part for you and made it easy.

As an example of how this book succeeds in this respect, I set out, after I wrote the book, to find engineering assistance to do the math required to prove or disprove my "equalization engine" compressor concept, which I had already detailed in the finished book.  No engineering assistance was forthcoming, so I dragged out my own book and studied it and finally found the answer to my question in my own book.  As a matter of fact, my equalization engine idea was DISproven by the very book that was written to help would-be inventors get their thoughts in order before going to town to buy parts.

Compressed Air Power Secrets by Scott Robertson, 3rd edition (2009)

Discontinued pending new edition. If you want the 3rd edition, please request it by email.


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