Air Car Hall of Fame


After 37 years of this air car research, I stopped counting. Or was it 36? Anyway, it was some years ago I suppose. I tried to retire from this preoccupation with compressed air gadgets many times over the decades. But sorta knowing how to run cars on air and sunshine and not caring... isn't that kinda like giving up breathing just because I "been there, done that"?

Since the research I've hauled in over the past decade or more is sitting uselessly in my computer memory, and knowing how hard it is to find everything again every time a computer fizzles, there's no excuse for not giving it away now before the next fizzling occurs. At least I have to make the information accessible to those who want it.

It says in the expanding cover graphic above that there are over 100 inventors represented in this collection. Well it's probably over 200, but who's counting? As a wise man pointed out to me, the relatively desperate souls who took their inventions to the local newspaper reporter and the patent office are the only ones we will ever hear about. The smartest kept their knowledge, and their air car, to themselves. They probably drove on air in secret, and they probably still are. So as you read the following reports, you will notice that some of the subject projects were not going anywhere and some could have, but managed not to anyway.

As much as I love all these inventors, they are the starry-eyed ones who got suckered on their own fantasies about this possibly real technology which is--let's face it--not wanted on a planet that's being run for a profit. (See the Laws of Thermodynamics, which state that your profit is someone else's loss.) The starry-eyed whose projects were ended by mistakes, misfortune, and as often as not, financiers taking control of everything and selling it off to the highest bidder. Whose identity we will not mention here. But if anyone did manage to sail free of the gas engine and the energy monopolies, well, they still gave up marketing it, or sold it outright, or just kept it to themselves for their own use. I can't imagine why.

In spite of my growing suspicion that a general adoption of free energy would lead to the whole world being paved over and made into a one-world shopping mall in less than ten years, I am submitting what I know about these intrepid dreamers, with the exception (in some cases) of who their grandparents and great-grandparents were. If you want that much detail, well I probably have that in my files too, because I wanted to know everything I could learn about these inventors who claimed to do the impossible with air, back when I was still spending my wife's grocery money to do this research.

Which of course is no longer a problem, now that I've simply stopped caring. I suppose the next step is to stop breathing, but I'm putting that off as long as possible.


While there appear to be many ways to run a car or power plant on air, the summary of exotic notions available for helping to convince yourself that you could somehow possibly maybe achieve anamolous results probably boils down to injectors, resonators and wave filters, closed-cycle compressors, compressors inside tanks, air-to-air heat pumps that run on air engines, and regenerative processes partially taking back energy normally lost to wind resistance, vertical chassis motion, and braking. The ambient energy (gravity, heat and weight) of the earth's atmosphere is the only energy source worth mentioning. Don't waste your time on perpetual motion, creating energy, re-using the same energy over and over, proving physics wrong, etc.

If you came here to learn all you can about this fascinating topic, chances are you're wasting your time and likely ignoring your responsibilities and obligations in order to study "free energy" with the same exact "passion" as any unhinged perpetual motion fanatic. If so, you know who you are but won't admit it, so I'd be wasting my breath to suggest that you should probably stop studying this website and get to know your family again, if you remember where they live. But if you insist on trying to make a solar compressed air power plant, at least make sure you are not working in a closed system. There has to be a large energy input, which in this case would be lots of fresh solar-energy-laden air pouring into the system without using a lot of energy to get it into the system. Good luck and may the farce be with you. As well as the Fickle Finger of Fate.

Scott Robertson driving Terry Miller's Air Car One
Wichita Energy Exposition, 1985.
Terry Miller is in the passenger seat, left side of car.
Terry was about 52 and is now deceased. Scott is now pushing 70.