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Compressed Air Power Secrets, 3rd edition

Compressed Air Power Secrets

Air Car Hall of Fame, volume 1

Air Car Hall of Fame

Hem and Amy by Frank Beck

Gas Buggies 1926 – 1927 by Frank Beck

Homemade Air Engines that Work

Homemade Air Engines that Work

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2013 Catalog of Free Information

The .PDF documents below can be viewed, copied, and printed with Adobe Reader (free software) or FoxIt.

The links on the right download .PDFs.

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ITEM # ITEM TITLE AND .pdf link to DOWNLOAD  file size  
01B-04 scans of photos from Terry Miller's plans
04C-00 Early Air Car Patents
eacp.pdf 1.55 mb
eacp cover.pdf 14 kb
14A-04 Air Engines (3rd Edition)
ae 1-50.pdf 1.03 mb
ae 51-100.pdf 1.98 mb
ae 101-150.pdf 2.78 mb
ae 151-200.pdf 1.96 mb
ae 201-250.pdf 1.73 mb
ae 251-320.pdf 2.22 mb
ae cover.pdf 32 kb
ae intro.pdf 852 kb
16-95 Eskeli's Work-free Heat Pump
eskeli 1-50.pdf 2.85 mb
eskeli 51-100.pdf 2.83 mb
eskeli 101-138.pdf 2.27 mb
eskeli covers.pdf 175 kb
17-00 Tesla Turbine Theory
ttt 1-50.pdf 4.28 mb
ttt 51-100.pdf 4.39 mb
ttt 101-143.pdf 5.07 mb
ttt cover.pdf 55 kb
18-95 Performance Characteristics of a Friction Disc Turbine
beans.pdf 2.87 mb
beans cover.pdf 19 kb
ITEM # ITEM TITLE AND .pdf link to DOWNLOAD  file size  
19-95 Investigation of Multiple-disk Turbine Performance
lawn 1-50.pdf 1.22 mb
lawn 51-100.pdf 1.2 mb
lawn 101-150.pdf 621 kb
lawn 151-200.pdf 454 kb
lawn 201-250.pdf 471 kb
lawn 251-274.pdf 487 kb
lawn cover.pdf 10 kb
20-95 Design, Construction, and Investig. of a Tesla Turbine
leaman.pdf 20.3 mb
leaman cover.pdf 12 kb
21-95 Compressed Air (Simons)
22-95 Compressed Air (Hiscox)
24-95 Air Compression and Transmission (Thorkelson)
25-95 Compressed Air (Harris )
26-95 Practical Treatise on Compressed Air, Rix & Chodzko
28-00 Air Car Design Manual
acdm 1-50.pdf 2.65 mb
acdm 51-100.pdf 2.5 mb
acdm 101-150.pdf 3.21 mb
acdm 51-200.pdf 4.5 mb
acdm 201-240.pdf 2.6 mb
acdm cover.pdf 19.7 kb
ITEM # ITEM TITLE AND .pdf link to DOWNLOAD  file size  
32-01 Radial Pulsation Compressor
rpgc.pdf 17.2 mb
radial.pdf 279 kb
radial22.dwg  (AutoCad drawing) 302 kb
radial23.dwg  (AutoCad drawing) 283 kb
33-98 Compressed Air Practice (Richards)
34-00 Mechanics of Vehicles
mov.pdf 6.68 mb
mov covers.pdf 90 kb
36-00 Jet Pumps
jp 1-50.pdf 6.79 mb
jp 51-100.pdf 2.32 mb
jp 101-150.pdf 3.30 mb
jp 151-200.pdf 4.1 mb
jp 201-250.pdf 4.52 mb
jp 251-300.pdf 3.31 mb
jp 301-340.pdf 1.29 mb
jp cover.pdf 28 kb
39-00 Tesla Air Engine Plans
taep.pdf 6.08 mb
taep cover.pdf 49 kb
40-00 Cryogenic Cars
cryo 1-50.pdf 3.56 mb
cryo 51-88.pdf 2.59 mb
cryo cover.pdf 25 kb
ITEM # ITEM TITLE AND .pdf link to DOWNLOAD  file size  
41-00 New Compressed Air Patents
ncap.pdf 5.32 mb
ncap cover.pdf 33 kb
42-00 Air Car Basics
acb.pdf 631 kb
acb cover.pdf 250 kb
45-00 Air Tanks, Composite Materials, and Impact Protection
atcm.pdf 3.44 mb
atcm covers.pdf 51 kb
46-00 Thermoacoustic Heat Pumps
thp.pdf 4.84 mb
thp cover.pdf 26kb
49-00 Notable Genius in Pneumatics
ngp.pdf 2.63 mb
ngp covers.pdf 367 kb



Descriptions of Downloadable Contents

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